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Turkish bow – Aga

Historical bows

Inspired by the Ottoman bows of the Middle Ages that were considered as the best bows
It is made of fiberglass and wood laminate with technology of a stable core.
Its construction and characteristic shape gives it softness when drawing, speed and reliability.
It is made in lengths
52 “- maximum draw length is 32”
Strength 25-150 pounds

Bows above 80 pounds (war bows) are additionally reinforced with strings on
limbs in the color you want and handles with fiberglass linen.
The standard reinforcement of the handle is rounded, with or without leather.
The name Aga is a noble title from the Turkish word meaning LEADER, RULER, BOSS, CHAMPION
Be the leader-champion of archery skills with Aga.
WARRANTY: 2 years

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    The MR Bows are a reflection of the man himself: steady, tough, dependable, and artistic. It's been a privilege working with him.

    Justin Ma
    The Way of Archery

    after i searched for heavier bows, i finally found misko and contacted him. after i told him what i was looking for, he answered, "no problem, we can arrange everything!" so my first bow arrived and i was happy to get my first bow with over 75lbs! as i progressed, misko and his formidable service and deliverytime helped me to progress with drawweigths and technique. you wil never find another bowyer with so much modells and sub-modells which works so reliable and and smooth.

    Marc Deichmann

    I currently own two MR Bows and am so thoroughly impressed and happy with them, that I have ordered a third. Not only are the Bows wonderfully made, but the customer service is spot on beyond compare. I have a long draw length and finding a well made, heavy poundage bow that can withstand a 34 inch (from the belly) draw is rare. To find one made by such a great artist, whose love of the bow comes through in his product is even more rare. If you are considering an MR Bow, you can be assured that your money will be very well spent.

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    Children & Students free

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